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A Harvest of Home

I was thrilled to see the second book of the Song of Blessing series on my list of books to choose from.  Lauraine Snelling continues to be one of my all time favorite authors and this book did not disappoint me.

Miriam Hastings is home in Chicago, taking care of her siblings following the death of their mother.  She is continuing her nursing training and longing for the life and people she left behind in Blessing.  She knows that she will be returning to Blessing for another year and isn’t sure how that will fit into her life now.  But letters from Trygve Knutson continue to reach her and mix up her mind and heart.

Trygve is home, in Blessing, building a house and loving Miriam from afar.  Life in Blessing is also not very simple right now as characters we remember from the last series struggle to make ends meet and fight for their way of life.  When Miriam finally returns to Blessing, and plunges straight into work, she finds herself up against more and more decisions.  Her siblings need her, others are asking more and more of her, and Trygve is claiming space in her heart.

Where will Miriam end up in the end?  Back in Chicago?  Or at home in Blessing?

My Thoughts…

I loved this book!  The nursing side story is fascinating to me and the characters are full and rich.  The Godly theme though the whole book is refreshing, I love how Snelling weaves the Gospel and God’s love into all her books.

Highly recommended.

5 out of 5 Stars


Cloak of the Light by Chuck Black

Wow.   That is probably the best word to use when I first think of this book.   I really liked Chuck Black’s Kingdom Series and his Knights Series, but this book goes above and beyond what we’ve come to expect from Mr. Black’s work.   This book kept me reading… I couldn’t put it down.

Book 1 in Wars of the Realm introduces us to Drew Carter.   Drew’s world is anything but perfect, but he starts playing football in highschool and making friends.   After a tragic accident takes the life of a friend, Drew gives up on life.  Until Ben Phillips challenges his best friend to get a grip and move on.

Drew throws himself into earning a double major in finance and math.   He takes on his life… but he’s still lacking something.  He bumps into the young speech champion Sydney from highschool.  She explains to him that she can’t date an unbeliever, and leaves Drew wondering at her convictions.   A few days later an accident in the Physics lab leaves Drew blind.   As his sight returns – there is something different.

Drew can see warriors of darkness.  Everywhere.  And no one else in the world can see them.  Or the warriors of light.

And Ben disappears.  The only person who can explain Drew’s ability and he’s gone.  After an attempt on his life, Drew decides to protect his mom by leaving.  After Drew is seen at a school shooting, he has the FBI on his heels, and heads for the woods.

Find Ben.  Protect Sydney, who has a gift of her own.  Drew’s life seems so clear, if he could let God help him.

Rating: 5+ out of 5 stars