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Undetected by Dee Henderson

My sisters and I have been waiting and waiting for this book to come out.  And Dee Henderson did not disappoint us.  This book combines intense action, cliff hanger suspense, and a touch of romance to make for a wonderful read.  Definitely my favorite so far in her newest series.

What I Liked

Gina Gray is highly intelligent, very successful, and a little lonely.  She would love to be married, but her brains seem to run men off.  While the U. S. Government can’t imagine life without her, Gina wishes for someone who would care about her.  Mark Bishop is a submarine commander, who understands better than anyone the power of Gina’s discoveries.

On his trip home, he encourages Gina to go out on dates with another submariner.  Only to discover he’s the man for Gina.  Now he has to convince Gina of this and figure out a way to protect her from herself.  Especially when she makes another powerful, world shaking discovery.

What I Didn’t Like

I have to wait another year before she writes the next one!

Five out of five stars!