The Power of a Half Hour

“Turn your fleeting minutes into defining moments”

I looked forward to receiving this book with great anticipation.  I love motivational books, and have a weakness for tips on how to “maximize your time”.  I don’t know why, I just love collecting and processing information on that kind of stuff.   But, I have to admit, this book was a slight disappointment.

Focussing on how to manage your downtime from the bottom up, this book divides our time into 30 minute increments.  What can  you do with those 30 minutes?  Memorize scripture?  Walk with your wife?  Watch TV?  Check Facebook?  The obvious answer is that when we control our time, even in the smallest amounts, it will turn our world around.  This will, ultimately, affect all our work and relationships.

My problem with this book was how shallow and trite it came across.  There was so much space to dive deep and explore here, but we were left with a very quick, basic chapter.  Even his relationship with God came across as cheap and shallow.  I don’t know, just the feeling I got from the book made me unhappy.

Rating 2 out of 5 stars.