With Every Breath by Elizabeth Camden

Thanks to antibiotics, tuberculosis is a thing in the past, that we just don’t think much about.  But in the late 1900s, it was the leading cause of death.  Patients were outcast victims, shunned and ignored by the public.  Desperate to find a cure, doctors began experimenting with surgeries and treatments.  Some of these were cruel and barbaric – killing the patients before tuberculosis got to them.  But other doctors had gentle methods and sought to heal with sunshine, good food, medicine, and lots of prayer.

Trevor McDonough, is just such a doctor.  A well respected graduate of Harvard, Trevor is taking a risk treating patients with tuberculosis.  He takes the failing patients, the ones that are dying and seeks to find a way to help them.  To reverse the damage this disease is doing to their lungs.  

Kate Livingston knew Trevor in grade school, but they didn’t part on the best of terms.  Now he asks for her in particular as his assistant.  Kate’s openness and Trevor’s distance hit heads at first, but they soon develop a friendship.  But then dark secrets from their past start coming out, and Trevor’s are the darkest of all.  Can Kate live with Trevor’s past?  And what that means for his future?

This was a wonderful, light read.  The romance element was woven into the story, and wasn’t silly or overdone.  You found yourself rooting for these characters, willing Trevor to find a cure!  

Rating 4 out of 5 stars.


Fearless by Eric Blehm

The full title of this book is Fearless: The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown.

Adam Brown was described as a “man of extremes” and that is a perfect description.  He climbed every wall, and crossed every line.  He battled a drug addiction, lost an eye, and yet ended up in the top tier of the U. S. Military.

He lived life hard and to the fullest.  He always landed on his feet, until March 17, 2010 when he was killed in Afghanistan.  He left behind a loving wife, his children, a lost SEAL team, and a powerful legacy that lives on today.  At one minute you were laughing at Adam’s antics and the next you were crying with his SEAL team.

I enjoyed this book, and the story it held.  Adam Brown walked the fine line between sanity and crazy, but he had a powerful faith that was tested many times but remained strong.  However, there were several parts in it that were for a “mature” audience.  Also, the author strove to provide “realistic” language, which led to a very rough book.  Read with discretion.

Overall, I enjoyed reading, but it won’t go on my “reread” shelf.

Rating 3 out of 5 stars.