Child of Mine by David and Beverly Lewis

“What a tangled web we weave…”

Although that quotation does not actually appear in Child of Mine, it reminded me of it.  The the overarching theme of how one lie leads to another, so easily, is convicting.

Eight year old Natalie lives with her uncle, Jack, who adopted her when her parents were killed.   Eight years ago Kelly’s baby was kidnapped and sold for drug money.   Two stories and two lives.  So far apart and so intertwined.  Or are they?

When Jack is traveling, Natalie is cared for by her Amish nanny, Laura Mast.  And Kelly spends her day lying to mothers as she tries to run genetic tests on their young daughters.   One final, desperate lead drops Kelly into the lives of Jack and Natalie – confusing and complicating their lives.

When Jack finds that Kelly has used them and lied to him, what will that do their friendship?  And what will the genetic test say when it comes back?

What I Thought

This book was well written, intriguing, and interesting.  I enjoyed every minute of reading it, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a pleasant, quiet read.  Only two things bugged me:

1) You end up getting frustrated with Kelly when she just won’t come clean and stop lying.

2) The part with Laura Mast, the Amish nanny, felt a little forced.  Like they really just wanted to just have an Amish character in the story and didn’t know where to put her.

But like I said, I enjoyed it, and would recommend it.

4 out of 5 Stars


The Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting and Running a Business

This book was amazing! Hands down,one of the best books on running a business I’ve ever read. It was clear and well written, it was well developed and made sense. I enjoyed every section, making mental notes on everything. Now I use it as a reference book.

And one of my favorite places to reference is the Financial section. The different topics and ideas that are covered and explained will change the way you run your little business. Overhead costs, liability, production costs, the list goes on and on. I learned so many different applicable things. For instance: how to figure retail and wholesale costs. And how to charge for a service versus a product.

And it’s not just for “Young Entrepreneurs”. My dad is reading the book now!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

Duel with the Devil by Paul Collins

There is nothing new under the sun, including political rivalries.  And in 1799, the brand-new United States of America was home to one of the fiercest political rivalries ever.  Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr were two of the greatest lawyers ever, and, as the new election approaches, tension is growing.

Until a young Quaker woman is found murdered.  Accusations begin to fly, most landing on the young woman’s suitor, Levi Weeks.  As days pass, Levi begins to fear that he will never even make it to a fair trial.  He needs the best legal team the world can provide.

So the unlikeliest of allies join together to take on the courtrooms of New York.

My Thoughts

This book is wonderfully written and draws you in.  However, there are some “adult topics” hinted at, in regards to the young lady.  So be careful what ages you recommend this book too.  Prereading would probably be a good idea.

Rating: 3 out of 5.