A Table By the Window by Hillary Manton Lodge

With one sister in culinary class, another sister who loves baking cupcakes, and a whole family who enjoys cooking, I was very excited to see a book that was not only a story, but a collection of recipes as well!  I just had to try it!  And I was not disappointed!

Juliette D’Alisa has spent the last few years of her life fleeing the restaurant business by being a successful food writer.  But when her brother, Nico, offers her a job as his partner in a new restaurant, she is torn.  Does she want back in?

Meanwhile, a lonely Juliette meets a young doctor online and begins an unlikely friendship.  And when she finds a picture in grandmother’s belongings, that looks nothing like her grandfather, Juliette is thrust into a family mystery that goes back to WWII.

What I Liked

The book was a well written, relaxable read.  By that I mean, there was no gun rights, no life or death scenes.  It was a “read before bed” book.  I also loved the bantering between the Italian siblings.  Reminds me of my family.

And the smattering of recipes mixed in were wonderful!

What I Didn’t Like

It leaves you hanging for the next one!

Rating 5 out of 5 Stars.